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 GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-

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PostSubject: GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:03 am

Wow, I can't believe no one has posted any thread in GTA section yet...

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I tried to make a "collection", if I can say it like this, of all of the rarest cars in GTA IV (from the Ingot to the wild Infernus!)

So, I'll begin the list with how I found those cars. This thread may be edited if anyone find something else.
NOTE: Not all cars are listed below. Feel free to tell if you want to know how to find a car which is not there yet.

Can be found very easily while driving a Ripley (the big truck with massive wheels at the airport). Once you're in, get to the airport parking. There should be a bunch of Banshees waiting for you.
IF there are no Banshee, keep your Ripley and drive around all the Broker island. You should find some.

- Found at the beginning of several missions such as "Hating the Haters", etc.
- The player must take a Comet at the beginning of the mission "no.1". The player can take it to the safehouse after.
- If the player have passed all of those missions, a cheat code ((227)-555-0175) can spawn a Comet.

- A Coquette can be aviable after the mission "Payback", if not destroyed while driving around.
- The Coquette spawns a lot around Varsity Heights, while driving a Sultan RS.

- If you already passed the mission "Buoys Ahoy" and already delivered the Infernus for Stevie without saving it, I have to say I don't know where else to find some. If you know where please tell it in this thread with the most details possible.

-Sultan RS
- Just go north-west Alderney, with the dirt roads. There will be an old crappy manor. There is one hidden in the bushes behind the garage. This is the only way to find one.

- Some missions, such as Trespass or Union Drive, spawn SuperGTs. One of Stevie's message ask for a SuperGT too. Whatever, if you didn't save those cars, the cheat code (227)-555-0168 spawn a SuperGT.

- The two easiest ways to get a Turismo is to go to Faustin's house, in Beachgate. In the parking there will be an unlocked Turismo waiting for you.
- There is a Grotti dealership just next to the Perseus and to the third (or fourth, dependly if you killed Playboy X or Dwayne) safehouse, in Middle Park East. During the day, get into the building and steal your Turismo there. You will get wanted stars. During night, you have to break a window and then steal the car. This will also give you wanted stars.

- One of Stevie's car thefts asks for a Buccaneer in the Bohan Industrial Zone.
- Hardly spawns into normal traffic. The most common place to spawn is Hove Beach, Beachgate and Firefly Island, all in South Broker. I found mine driving a Schafter, but there was Ingots and Marbelles spawning around.

- The Peyote very commonly spawns the other side of the road of Faustin's house, in Beachgate. The Peyote is in the parking lot.

-Sabre GT
- Stevie asks for a Sabre GT.
- Sabre GT spawns mostly in West Broker and in West and South Algonquin.

- The Stallion spawns everywhere. I found mine in downtown Algonquin while driving a Minivan.

- In the mission Ivan the Not So Terrible, the player can easily take his Ruiner back to the safehouse.
- The Ruiner spawns in poor areas, such as Northwood, East Holland and North Holland, all in North Algonquin.

- After the mission "Concrete Jungle", Jacob's Virgo can be taken to the safehouse.
- The Virgo hardly spawns, but can spawn in Broker, mostly in South Broker, and around North Algonquin, such as Northwood, North Holland and East Holland.

- One of the hardest cars to find. The Fortune spawns around Bohan, but most of the time in Middle Park (West, East and center). Good luck!

- Spawns a lot in Little Bay, Bohan. It is not rare to find once you're there.

-Spawns in South Broker, especially in Hove Beach during night.

-There are 2 Cognoscentis at Jimmy Pegorino's house in Westdyke, Alderney. One is outside the house, the other one is in the garage.

-Spawns mostly in West Broker, such as Firefly Projects and South Slopes. I found mine in a Perennial, near the swing spot in Firefly Projects.

-This is one of the most difficult car to spot in the traffic, mostly because it only spawns in a specific place at a specific moment in a specific car. First, get to Little Bay, Bohan, preferably in a Cabby (Minivan taxi found in Algonquin). Once there, find a Futo (easy to find). Once in a Futo, wait for a Futo GT, relatively easy to find when in a normal Futo. After, wait for night. Around 01:30/02:00, Hakumais are going to start spawning. Wait even more and you should spot red Hakumais with body kits. Those are pretty rare since this is the only place you can find them, even if the player is already driving normal or body kit Hakumai around. Good luck!
EDIT: Though, I just found driving around a Beater Emperor bunches of Hakumais in Bohan (Even in Algonquin!)...

-The only place we can see Ingots is in South Broker, mostly in Hove Beach. I got mine in a Minivan. It is not supposed to be so hard to find, as it is one of the common cars to spawn in South Broker.

-In downtown Algonquin, mostly in City Hall, The Exchange and Chinatown. I got mine there (the VX red variant) in a Schafter.

-Good luck! The only one I found was in South Bohan, while in a Chavos. There were Fortunes spwning too.

-In a parking near the East Borough Bridge in Lancaster. It's at two blocks of Middle Park. Once you'll see a space between two blocks, with a Parking (P) sign over it. Get there. The Marbelle spawns in the corner, far from the place where you're comming from. The Marbelle there does not spawn everytime, but I got mine in a Beater Vigero.
-If you can't find it, it's on Charge Island near some industrial cylinders.
-If you're really unlucky (or blind?) then know that it is one of the most common cars. It spawns all over Broker, in South Bohan and all in Algonquin (except south). The most common place I see Marbelles is near Dwayne Forge's projects, those red "X" buildings in Northwood.

-In Algonquin, mostly Varsity Heights and Middle Park districts, driving a Contender. It spawns a lot in Dukes too.

-Great, follow my steps if you really want to try to find one. This car is in my opinion the rarest car of the game. I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO SAY "OH IT'S NOT RARE I SEE TONS OF THEM". Then, why are you seeing that thread? Anyway, first, get a Contender. Easy to find. Then, get to the Algonquin safehouse (Roman's, not Playboy) and save it. Sleep until it's 8:00 AM. Then get out fast, and get into a Contender. Restart until Intruders spawns outside! Then get to Varsity Heights near the Hickey Bridge. While going there, get a pursuit with the police. Once there OR BEFORE, you will probably see MAX. 4 Pinnacles spawning.
Good luck. Be patient, it spawns very rarely. Restart all of my steps until you find one.

PMP 600
-Get to Westdyke. Period.

-Spawns a lot around Varsity Heights, Star Junction and Algonquin Bridge. Pretty rare car, be patient.

-Get to City Hall, there are tons of them. Especially in an Oracle.

-Most of the time you exit Roman's safehouse in Algonquin you'll find some.

-Spawns pretty much everywhere. I got mine at the Soldier's Plaza, in Outlook, North Broker. Though, I see a lot of tuned version (not RS) in Alderney City. It spawns normal one.

-You haven't been in North Algonquin yet, didn't you?

-On Algonquin Bridge in a Contender, or in south-east Algonquin. Rich parts.

-Very very very rare: or you go in Hove Beach , or you get to Alderney City/Tudor (mostly in a Pony).

-In Willis, you'll find tons of them.

-Alderney City and Westdyke. Easy to find in any car.

Last edited by NAMETYR on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:30 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Updating)
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PostSubject: Re: GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-   Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:45 pm

Oh great guide, 'tyr!

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PostSubject: Re: GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-   Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:55 am

Thanks! Though this is far from being the final version Wink
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PostSubject: Re: GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-   Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:01 pm

Thx... I have a question... Is it normal that....
I got stivie's last text that... you know Infernus... after I delivered it.
After few story mission I dived past there the infernus was...
And it was there and I delived it again and got 10000$ and so it's spawns there agian and agian. except one time after I finished the story... I thought it had stoped spawning after I finished the story but I hasn't. Is it normal?
And if you remember what your last car stivie ask to steal if you check if it has spawn of it too.

Is it like the last of stivie's car is a car that spawn, like Sultan RS... or is it a good glitch?

(I didn't know where to write it so I ask you here)
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PostSubject: Re: GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-   Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:18 pm

WOAH that thing actually still exists? XD

oh well I'm gonna tell you, first of all you are quite lucky that I am the one who wrote that thread 2 years ago, because I always turn email notifications on, otherwise I'd never thought of checking that thread again, and because I am used to reply when people ask.

About the Infernus, well I have no clue if it's a lucky glitch or a normal behavior. Personally I don't recall having seen any other Infernus on the road except from the one you deliver from Stevie and the one that the homosexual guy gives to you (the orange one with a black stripe). So I'd say just enjoy your Infernus Razz
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PostSubject: Re: GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-   

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GTA IV Rare cars guide -UPDATED FEB. 8-
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